We have ten local Boys’ Brigade companies operating around Wolverhampton, Telford and Shropshire. Find a group near you below. More information about our activities can be found on the about us page.

We’re not just for boys; some of our local companies have Girls’ Associations, whilst some have separate Girls’ Brigades. These are indicated below.

If you would like to get in touch with a local group, please send an enquiry to us which will be passed on to the local leader.


6th Wolverhampton
St. Barts Church
57 Church Hill, Penn, WV4 5JB
Anchors & Juniors: Wednesday 6:30pm
Company & Seniors: Wednesday 7:00pm

9th Wolverhampton
Bilston Baptist Church
Prouds Lane, Bilston, WV14 6PW
All Sections: Monday 7:00pm

10th Wolverhampton
Lanesfield Methodist Church
Laburnam Road, Lanesfield, WV4 6PG
Anchors & Juniors: Thursday 6:30pm
Company & Seniors: Thursday 7.45pm

19th Wolverhampton
Bradley Methodist Church
Hall Green Street, Bradley, Bilston, WV14 8TH
All Sections: Monday 7:00pm

21st Wolverhampton
Portobello Methodist Church
Portobello, Willenhall, WV13 3TD
Anchors & Juniors: Wednesday 6:00pm
Company: Wednesday 8:00pm

Tipton/Cheslyn Hay

1st Cheslyn Hay
Salem Methodist Church
High Street, Cheslyn Hay, WS6 7AD
Anchors: Monday 6:30pm
Juniors: Friday 7:00pm
Company & Seniors: Wednesday 7:30pm

3rd West Bromwich
Grace Community Church
Newhall Street, Tipton, DY4 9HL
Anchors & Juniors: Monday 6:00pm
Company & Seniors: Monday 7.45pm


1st Hadley
Hadley Methodist Church
High Street, Hadley, Telford, TF1 5NG
Anchors & Juniors: Friday 6:00pm
Company: Friday 7:15pm
+Girls’ Association

2nd Oakengates
Oakengates United Church
Stafford Road, Oakengates, TF2 6JH
Anchors: Tuesday 6:00pm
Juniors: Tuesday 7:00pm
Company & Seniors: Friday 7:00pm
+Girls’ Association

1st Wellington
Wellington Methodist Church
New Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1LU
All Sections: Thursday 6:00pm
+Girls’ Association